A Flickered Flame

This is the end of a chapter.

The last episode, of this podcast, to date.

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Nic Antoine,

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The show about art, culture, cuisine and all things: in-between.

Thank you, so, so much, for listening to this show.

It took a lot out of me.

I hope I put something in you.


Young Bastards

The “Zero” issue of “Justice League Dark”.

Constantine, the Hellblazer, reconfigures the fates of many onto his singular road to Hades.

Abracadabra is given a higher prevalence within modern day occultism.

And, across the expanse of the DC Multiverse, the Oblivion Bar is equated to a chronally-displaced diner from 1924.

This is where it all began…

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To Monsters

The “Zero” issue of “Swamp Thing”.

The Irish Famine is connected to the first page, as well as one of the inspirations for “Oregon Trail”.

The Lament Configuration is used as the focal point of a meandered topic.

And the first edited episode, of this podcast, shows exactly why these are recorded early in the morning…

…and not in the afternoon.

This is the last venture into “The Swamp”…

…for a little while.

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Rotworld (prologue)

The twelfth issue of Swamp Thing.

The rot lourdes over all.

The Baker family fights alongside Abigail.

And an attempt is made to sever the inexplicable link between body image and self-esteem.

An attempt.

Whether the point is driven home, or not, is not in-question.

The need, to have to do so, is.

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Family Reunion

The eleventh issue of Swamp Thing.

The rot is ruminated.

Domestic violence is viewed from the perspective of the battered male.

And, when you least expect it, the past is spoken about.

Yet again.

The views expressed, within this episode, are those of the host and the host alone.

Sorry about that.

Email darkercornerscast@gmail.com if you want to speak your peace.

Or give the host a piece of your mind.

More bad puns.

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Arcane’s Lullaby

The tenth issue of Swamp Thing.

POV scenes are enamored as if they were just invented.

The omnivorous and the vegetarian urges, within us all, are compared and contrasted with a minimalists’ vigor.

And the current state of the Silver Age of television is lauded for all of it’s glorious intentions.

Email darkercornerscast@gmail.com if you have hate in your heart and you feel the need, with wanton abandon, to unleash said volatility upon the host.

Or if, you know, you just wanna say “Hi”.

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